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November 1, 2010 · 5 comments

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When I think of how Kopi luwak came about , I come up with this short story. There lived an Indonesian coffee grower who noticed he was being robbed blind. Ok, Maybe it was female coffee grower. The farmer decided to plan a stakeout to catch the culprit. Imagine how surprised the grower was to find the culprits was a pack of rodents, civets to be exact. The grower pondered what to do ? After trailing civets, the grower realized that the ‘processed” the beans, reducing the work he had to do and thus arrived a new type of processed coffee beans. Hire a few slave civets and free processed coffee beans.

After having seen Anthony Bourdain have a cup of Kopi Luwak on one of his thousand food adventures on the Travel Channel, it went on my list as did geoduck and a host of other treats. Kopi Luwak (Indonesian) literally translates to civet coffee happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world. According to wikipedia, it can go for between $100 to $600 per pound. I won’t go into how the coffee is made, you can go research it, it might amuse some people, it might gross some out. Let’s just say one animal’s pile of stuff is man’s idea of great coffee.

At first, I thought I should go in there, proclaim that I was food blogger and demand to have a cup of the most their most expensive coffee, then I came to my senses. Ethically it would be wrong and you wouldn’t go to Ruth Chris or a fancy restaurant and demand to have a medium-rare ribeye with some pom frites for free, would you ;) ? The experience took place at Zeke’s coffee. While I was waiting for the cup of liquid gold, I decided to bide my time with a raspberry hamantaschen. The coffee was prepared in a single serving drip filter. After 3 minutes of special brewing, my cup of $10 liquid gold came.

My review: Unique taste, it really had a really smooth mellow and clean finish. No it is not wine I’m describing. The acidic tangy taste I’ve become accustomed to with my regular espresso and lattes was absent, but yet it was a REAL good cup of coffee. It’s a little too rich for my blood at $10 a cup, but I can say I enjoyed it. Back to the my regular cup of latte I go. If you a chance to try a cup I say do it, you only live once. If you also happen to be passing through Baltimore, stop by Zeke’s coffee on Harford road and try a cup along with pastry.

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  • http://iamafeeder.net Jackie

    I’m so glad you posted this and you tried it! Totally awesome. I’ve always been a little cringey about this particular coffee, but y’know, after reading your comments (and, more importantly, seeing your reaction!) I think I’m going to have to hunt it down and get involved.

    Also, fab photography as always, Tunde!

    Jax x

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jackie !! It was good. Like a celebratory cup of coffee, not an everyday cup unless I win the lottery ( most likely not even then). Let me know if you find some and your review :D

  • http://twitter.com/IndonesiaEats Indonesia Eats

    I actually got 3 packages of kopi luwak sample from a friend who lives in Winnipeg. His family runs a kopi luwak processing business in Sumatra. He is wondering to market this kopi in North America. Any info? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Pepy !! Thanks for visiting ! I’m not sure but I could ask at the coffee store I frequent If they are looking for other kopi luwak suppliers. No promises.

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